Before the Fall, Earth possessed a massive space force, and like any army it had its origins, SCV-70 White Base. The first flagship of Earth's forces served many years on the front line until it was finally decommissioned and placed into storage.
SCV-70 White Base

Situation ReportEdit

After months of research and reconnaissance deep underwater an old relic of a past era has been found again, White Base. With it the UE could be dealt a serious blow, but there is a heavy risk involved. The pilots are not used to underwater combat and must face the unknown if they want to retrieve this treasure.


  • Defeat the nearby UE aerial mobile suits.
  • Defeat the nearby UE underwater mobile suits.

Tactical PlanEdit

The dispatched pilots are to take their machines down under water and locate the White Base, once located either Harlow is to effect entry into the ship and start it up inside, taking it back up to the surface, or Cypher-26 is to establish a remote control over it. Once White Base has been reclaimed the remaining mobile suits are to board the support vehicles and commence withdrawal.

Enemy Mobile UnitsEdit


Dispatched Pilots & MachinesEdit

Alps-class "Basilisk"
Mad Angler-class
  • Valen - PS-Z/1/V Z Valen Custom
Dual Assault Container "Longshot"
Dual Assault Container "Strafe"
Dual Assault Container "Syrene"


Following a short battle on the surface between the combat team and UE mobile suits, the Assault Containers were used to jury-rig a sonar system to detect underwater enemies. Unfortunately the team turned out to be massively outnumbered and were forced to withdraw from combat, unfortunately after disconnecting from his mobile suit Cypher-26 was attacked and infected with a virus. Shortly after this he vanished and joined the UE.