Sarah Hinesman
Sarah Hinesman
Date of Birth April 15 B.F. 11
Age 33
Status Active
Alias The Hunter
Blood Type B-
Gender Female
Genetic Type Human
Height 1.97 Meters
Hair Colour Blond
Eye Colour Blue
Pilot Stats Intelligence: 20

Body: 20
Engineering: 5
Tactics: 20
Focus: 20
Endurance: 15

MS Specialities Close Range: 18

Long Range: 18
Speed: 18
Defense: 18
Technician: 10
Tech: 18

Occupation Freelance Bounty Hunter

Mobile Suit Pilot

Mobile Suits AEU-05/H Helion Initium-Hunter Use
Affiliation Federation
Nation of Affiliation America
City of Affiliation Atlantis

Sarah Hinesman is a freelance bounty hunter working alongside the Federation.


Sarah has been described as a bit butch in appearance, but not to her face. She is of medium height, and above medium build. She has short blond hair, darkened rough skin, and deep blue eyes. She wears a modified normal suit everywhere, without the helmet most of the time.


Sarah is very driven to achieve any goal given to her, and a job is a job, no matter who client is. She is not blood thirsty, and has her own code of conduct, which she lives by very carefully. She ignores anyone who tries to force any ideas on her.


  • Good at high speed combat.
  • Good at stealth combat.
  • Good at both ranged weapons and close range, but not spectacular.


  • Not good at standing still for long periods of time.
  • Not good at taking orders.
  • Not a people person.


After the fall took her family from her, she nearly fell apart. She set out on her own, growing up amoung the ruins of the what remained of a once great city, learning how to take care of herself. When she became old enough, she set out to find a new life. Taking up the job as a bounty hunter, she gained a name for herself as a top rated fighter, inside and outside a mobile suit.