Proto-GINN Sword
Proto-GINN Sword
Manufacturer Armoury Expo
Price 15,000 Credits
Tier 2
Developed From Iron Sword
Type Solid Blade
Research Required Improved Sword Metallurgy II

Advanced Blade Construction II

Hands Required Held in one hand
Power Rating 120
Upgrade Points 1
Weight Medium
Environment All
In appearance the weapon is similar to a European broadsword, featuring a double-edged blade. The design of the sword relies on both its weight and the force of the attack to crush armor as much as it relies on its keenness to cut.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Pre-dating beam sabre technology close quarter combat frequently relied on solid weapons, the Proto-GINN Sword was first seen in use by the YMF-01B Proto GINN but quickly fell in to mass use due to its commonness. Its double edged design makes it a highly capable weapon.