Multi-Form Sonic Blade
Weapon Information

Armoury Expo




30,000 Credits

Developed From
Technical Specifications

Solid Blade

Hands Required

Held in one/two hand(s)

Power Rating
  • 30 (Short Sword and Long Sword Modes)
  • 35 (Naginata and Double Edged Sword Mode)
Upgrade Points


  • Light (Short Sword and Long Sword Modes)
  • Medium (Naginata and Double Edged Sword Mode)



A sonic blade usually capable of changing forms, in order to access it's most powerful modes it requires two of them to be combined together. Takes one turn to change between forms.

Short Sword Mode
A configuration used for close-range precise strikes and assassination-like stealth kills.

Long Sword Mode
Longer blades, better used for parrying blows, thrusting, and maintaining the advantage of range.

Naginata Mode
Two blades combined at the hilts to for a long double bladed weapon, used for fluid and rapid spinning and slashing attacks.

Double Edged Sword Mode
The dual blades are combined to form a double-edged blade, used for heavy hits.

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