Leon Bieldi
Leon Bieldi
Date of Birth September 30 B.F. 13
Age 35
Status Active
Gender Male
Genetic Type Human
Height 1.83 Meters
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Pilot Stats Intelligence: 20

Body: 15
Engineering: 20
Tactics: 10
Focus: 20
Endurance: 15

MS Specialities Close Range: 10

Long Range: 20
Speed: 20
Defense: 15
Technician: 20
Tech: 15

Occupation Engineer

Mobile Suit Pilot

Mobile Suits RGE-B790/LB Genoace-Bieldi Use
Affiliation United Lunar Colonies
Nation of Affiliation Moon
City of Affiliation Lemuria


Leon is a fairly average looking human, average in height, average in build, average in body type. Leon is 6 feet even, with dirty blond hair, dark Blue eyes, and a light tan from working outside only a little when not in his suit. Leon has a few scars on his face from working accidents. Leon's face seems to have a constant scowl on it, even though he is usually always cheerful.

Leon is always seen wearing a set of mechanics overalls, over which he wears a vest and tool belt with multiple pockets and holders for tools and other items he uses in his job. Leon wears a pair of steel toed boots, a set of welding goggles on his forehead.


Leon is easy going, and good to get along with. He is friendly, and willing to work with other people.


  • Leon has a good level of creativity
  • He is physically strong
  • Resilient


  • Leon is not very fast on his feet
  • Sometimes when he is working on a project he will ignore everything else
  • Leon is horrible with beam weapons


Leon, as a young boy, trained at his father’s knee learning the trade of the mechanic. He became fairly good at repairing smaller vehicles, but never got the chance to upgrade to suits before the fall. The Fall hit the moon the hardest among the factions, and his family were hit hard, with him being the only survivor. Leon worked as a mechanic for years to make money to live by, repairing vehicles used for repairs. When the first mobile suits were under construction, he got a job helping to build them, and later, piloting one himself.