"Exia has located the target, have concluded Cypher-26 is guilty of promoting conflict, commencing armed intervention. Exia, will eliminate targets"
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Makhaira 26 by NuMioH

Status Active (up until AF 21)

MIA (Following White Base Retrieval)

Alias Cypher, Cy, Droid, Unit 26
Height 3.04 Meters (10ft)
Eye Colour Blue
Primary Archetype Infiltrator
Secondary Archetype Brawler
Pilot Stats Intelligence: 15

Body: 14
Engineering: 15
Tactics: 14

MS Specialities Close Range: 20

Beam Weapon: 20
Conventional: 20
Speed: 20
Defense: 20
Tech: 25

Occupation Mobile Suit Pilot

Workshop Owner

Mobile Suits MSM-02 Aqua Experiment Type "Cypher" Custom

ZGMF-1017M GINN High Maneuver Type "Cypher" Custom

Affiliation Earth Reclamation Alliance
Nation of Affiliation Greenland (first found)

North America

City of Affiliation El Dar Samnia

Marie's Place
Diggen's Rock


A titan among most his other allies, Cypher is a 10 foot droid with a bulky frame, strong armor, and a powerful servo system. Usually a mobile suit pilot of sorts, Cypher can engage in personal combat with the twin mini beamsabers he has docked in the charge points built into his forearms. Can usually be seen with his giant wrench in his workshop working on custom units when not busy with other things.


After his accident at the Greenlandic G System during The Fall, Cypher was restored by the mechanics and scientists at Diggins, but the repair caused him to go through a hard reset. Now his personality is developed, learned, and influenced by those around him.


  • Is able to integrate his own systems with the systems of any Gundam/MS and control it like a mobile doll. Can also do this to act as a combat AI system for any pilot operated Gundam/MS.
  • Is not affected by EMPs or any other sort of electrical interference that may attempt to control, disable, or otherwise render him incapacitated.
  • Is capable of fantastic control and accuracy with bit or funnel weapons due to his ability to fully integrate his programming with all the systems of any given Gundam/MS.


  • When he is integrated into the systems of any Gundam/MS, his body is vulnerable to damage or capture and must be either defended or moved from the area.
  • When in standby mode, he is vulnerable to being hacked or reprogrammed due to the fact that his firewalls and auto-defense programs are also on standby.
  • Control and accuracy of Gundam/MS and all applied weapons systems only works properly within a two mile radius of Cypher's body otherwise accuracy and control begin to falter and fail.


After his accident at the Greenlandic G System during The Fall, Cypher was restored by the mechanics and scientists at Diggins, but the repair caused him to go through a hard reset. This caused any memory of his past to be deleted. It didn't help that a number of his internal components were missing when he was found. More of his past will be learned over time as he helps humanity defeat the U.E. and claims the components they drop along the way. Following the failed mission to retrieve the SCV-70 White Base Cypher's AI program was stolen, altered and reinserted into a new body.


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